Senior QA Engineer

Описание проекта:

The project is certification of a POSIX PSE51 execution environment also called “POSIX personality” according to DO-178B level C. The POSIX personality is excuting as a virtual machine inside a partition provided by a virtualization operating system.

The POSIX personality mainly consists of

- The core POSIX OS including the thread model, the scheduler, synchronization and locking primitives and interface layer to the OS

- The standard C library and the math library which is based

- a device driver framework

- a file system implementation


This responsibilities include

1. Development of the low level design for the standard C library and the math library based on the source code and the POSIX interface specification.

The following tasks need to be performed:

a) Create the component level design document according to the customer requirements and design standard from the source code

b) Develop the low level requirements from the source code

c) Verify the design against the interface specification

d) Identify deactivated / dead code

e) Verify the code against the low level design

f) Verify the code against the coding standard / style and fix


2. Based on the low level requirements of the file system component low level test have to be developed.

a) The tests will be developed using methods and processes developed by the customer.

b) Code inspection

From 3 years as a software or test engineer. Candidates with mixed experience are preferred.

Strong analytical skills

- Very strong C and strong assembly programming skills.

- Familiar with DO-178B standard or similar strict code standard.

- Experienced with code coverage and analysis tools (e.g. CODETEST)

- Good knowledge of the POSIX standard and especially functions included in PSE51.

- Knowledge of the Filesystem principles.

- Understanding of the internals and system architecture concepts of modern OS.

Good written English is a must. Spoken English is desired. Other: The activity implies minimal coding and extensive code investigation and analytics activities as well as writing much documentation. The candidate should be comfortable with such type of work.



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